Unistrut Kwik Washer

The Unistrut Kwik Washer saves you time by eliminating loose parts and makes one-handed installation possible.

Unistrut Kwik WasherUse the Kwik Washer where you would normally use both a channel nut & washer, to reduce three parts to just one. There’s no more need for extra parts to replace all of the pieces that fall to the floor while you’re high up on a ladder trying to assemble a clumsy system.

You can also preassemble Kwik Washers onto cut lengths of threaded rod to simplify your drop rod installations even further. To preassemble, just measure and cut your threaded rod to the appropriate length(s), screw your hex nut on until you reach your desired stopping point and then attach your Unistrut Kwik Washer to your threaded rod. The entire assembly is then slid into the channel opening and twisted into place until it locks.

Unistrut Kwik Washers Unistrut Kwik Washers are designed to work with 1-5/8″ Unistrut channel sections. To attach the Kwik Washer to your channel, simply slide the channel nut portion into the channel opening, parallel to the channel and give it a turn to the right until it locks into place. There is a convenient directional arrow located on the top on the Kwik Washer that tells you which way to twist the washer.


  • Unistrut Kwik WasherReduces design time and installation costs
  • Up to 50% savings in installation time
  • Reduction of required parts
  • Unistrut $10 OFF Coupon CodeOverhead installation with one hand
  • Spring-lock adjustment of fittings on the channel
  • Mounting time cut in half, remounting features
  • Available in zinc plated and hot dip galvanized

Watch this short YouTube installation video to see for yourself how simple and elegant the Unistrut Kwik Washer solution is. Unistrut’s Kwik Washer makes the dreaded task of installing drop rod as easy as a turn to the right!

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Unistrut Kwik Washer


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