unistrut angular fittings

What makes the Unistrut Metal Framing System so versatile in its functionality is the sheer variety of fittings that are offered; the diverse range of fittings Unistrut manufactures gives you virtually limitless possibilities in both application and construction.

A large component of Unistrut’s functionality is gained through the incorporation of angular fittings into designs; with the use of angular fittings comes the ability to implement three-dimensional designs. Designs are no longer limited to construction along a single plane, and can now be built out with perpendicular or angled attachments of channel.

Unistrut is not solely for supporting runs of piping or HVAC ducts, Unistrut can also be used to build racking systems, solar panel arrays, mezzanines and ceiling grids for medical supports – to name just a few applications – the possibilities are infinite, and all are made possible through the integration of angular fittings.


The most commonly used angular fittings are the 90 degree fittings, also called “L” brackets, which are available with different leg sizes and with different numbers of holes per side to help you achieve the correct loading capacity for your specific application.

Angular fittings are also supplied in various other degrees of measurement, ranging from 7 ½ degrees up to 82 ½ degrees. In some instances the angle of measure lies between the two sides of the fitting, in other instances the angle being measured is the angle formed between the channel and one side of the angular fitting that is connected to it – please refer to the Unistrut General Engineering Catalog for detailed drawings and part numbers.

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