zsi cush-a-clamp cushioned pipe clamp

Channel and pipe clamps are a little bit like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: easy to put together, eminently functional and a fabulous union. But there are even better things out there than jelly. If you want to turn your plain old PB&J into a Fluffernutter, you’re going to have to ditch your basic channel mounted pipe clamp and graduate to the more highly evolved Cush-a-Clamp; it’s just as easy to put together, even more functional, and an even more fabulous union.

Combining channel with a channel mounted pipe clamp creates a wonderful marriage of form and function; combining it with the Cush-a-Clamp creates the perfect, lasting marriage.

The Cush-a-Clamp, as the name implies, is a cushioned clamp with a thermoplastic elastomer insert that dampens shock and vibration, as well as prevents galvanic corrosion, helping to extend the life of your system. The highly durable plastic is also resistant to most chemicals, oils and industrial cleaning agents, in temperatures ranging from -50°F to 275°F.


Cush-a-Clamps are easily assembled and mounted by one worker; the patented “Living Hinge” design allows for pipes and conduit to be easily inserted into the cushion, while maintaining a snug fit. Clamps are offered in both tube (outside diameter) and pipe (nominal) sizes from ¼” tube and pipe to 6-1/8” tube and 6” pipe.

Cush-a-Clamps are most commonly sold in electro-galvanized finish, but are also offered in type 304 stainless steel and can be manufactured in type 316 stainless steel as well.

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