Stainless Steel Unistrut ChannelStainless Steel Unistrut Channel

Stainless Steel Unistrut Channel parts and hardware all fall under Unistrut’s “special metals” category. This also includes Aluminum metal framing, strut and components.
In many instances, Stainless Steel Unistrut Channel and components would be a more beneficial metal framing solution to use than traditional galvanized or powder coated systems.
There are many applications where a simple galvanized or powder coating over plain carbon steel material won’t suffice, and a channel that is manufactured from a special metal, like stainless steel unistrut channel is, becomes necessary.
Outdoor applications, and applications where metal framing channel and components are exposed to moisture or corrosive agents are perfect examples.  These are exactly the types of instances when you might desire to use stainless steel material. Stainless steel will not rust or react in the harsh, corrosive environments that it is being utilized in.
stainless steel coils and sheets used to make Stainless Steel Unistrut ChannelStainless Steel Material
Stainless Steel Unistrut Channel is manufactured from ASTM A 240 (Type 304) stainless steel.
Type 316 Stainless Steel is also available in some instances. If it’s not already manufactured, it can sometimes be produced upon request. (Typically this would include for sizable orders, for full bundles of channel: 500 ft for 10 ft lengths and 1000 ft for 20 ft lengths).
Stainless Steel Unistrut Channel in stock for fast delivery across the United StatesStock and Delivery
Eberl Iron Works is a stocking distributor for several styles of stainless steel unistrut channel. This includes various profiles in both solid and with slotted holes.
Most channels are sold in either 10 foot or 20 foot lengths. However, we have the ability to cut your channel to suit the needs of your specific application.
Stock items are quickly and conveniently shipped all over the U.S.
Speak with one of our friendly customer service agents to:
  • Verify availability of Stainless Steel Unistrut Channel
  • Check the lead time of the item you are interested in
  • Place your order today!
Call 1 (800) 285-3056, or go online to place your order www.Unistrut

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