unistrut seismic brace and retro-fitting system

Seismic Bracing is on the rise – and not just in California

There’s no refuting the evidence that the instance of earthquakes and other natural disasters has been steadily increasing over the last few decades. This is why seismic bracing is becoming so important to the building and construction industry. With exposure to these severe geologic and atmospheric conditions on the rise, buildings are facing more strain than ever. It has become apparent, with each new tragedy, that improvements to building design are a necessary step to preventing loss of life.

unistrut seismic bracingMany steps have already been taken, across the globe, to address the seriousness of these issues with regards to building codes and legislation for new buildings.

But what about existing structures?

The good news is that there are some great options out there for retro-fitting buildings. Using Unistrut’s seismic bracing system increases a building’s ability to withstand seismic activity by bolstering its structural elements.

Unistrut’s seismic bracing and retro-fitting system provides a way to retrofit existing building structures to survive earthquake related trauma. It has the added bonus of helping to stabilize structures during high wind situations as well. This relieves strain on the building and lessens the probability that a building will face collapse due to a seismic or weather related event.

unistrut seismic bracingUnistrut manufactures a versatile array of seismic pivot, brace and anchor fittings. When used in conjunction with components from their metal framing system, they combine to form a uniquely powerful system for retro-fitting applications.

There are options for channel bracing, cable bracing and stiffening of trapeze and pipe clamps.  The Unistrut seismic bracing system also has the ability for overhead anchoring to concrete, steel and wood. There is virtually no application where Unistrut’s seismic bracing system could not be applied.

Find out more information about the Unistrut Seismic Bracing System on our website.

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