Plank Grating, Metal Safety Grating

Plank Grating is the perfect material to use to increase the safety of workplace flooring.

Plank Grating, Metal Safety GratingMetal safety grating (plank grating) is both convenient and cost effective to install, and provides a safe, anti-slip walking surface. Unsafe walking conditions are a contributing factor in many workplace injuries every year. These accidents end up costing companies lots of money, in the form of: higher insurance premiums, workman’s compensation and loss of labor.

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses are not typically known for their cleanliness and safe working conditions. It can be difficult to maintain a clean, dry walking surface, clear of debris and other hazards during the manufacturing process. Maintaining worker safety can sometimes feel like an uphill battle.

As a metal fabricating shop that has been in business since 1923, we can attest to this fact. We have a multitude of machines – shears, press brakes, punches, saws and other equipment. Simply put, machines are dirty. From the grease it takes to operate and lubricate them to the byproducts that are created while using them, like metal shavings, metal slugs, and metal drop pieces.

Designed to provide a sturdy surface with moderate to aggressive traction, Plank Grating allows for both liquids and small to mid-sized particulates to fall through, thus keeping your work areas clear of materials that may create hazardous working conditions.

Plank Grating is easy to install and can be installed directly over flooring. It is available in many convenient widths and lengths, and with many options for hole size and shape.

Metal Safety Grating is an extremely versatile material. There are a multitude of applications for which Plank Grating can be utilized: walkways, mezzanines, stairs, floors, access platforms and more – both in doors and outside.

Featured below are the main types of metal Plank grating.

Plank Grating, Metal Safety GratingGrip Strut & Heavy-Duty Grip Strut Grating

What makes Grip Strut Safety Grating superior to competitor brands is its serrated surface. It grips onto shoe soles securely from every direction, preventing slips, slides, and falls. It has a maintenance-free, open design which allows for quick drainage of fluids. It also allows for debris to easily pass through.

Grip strut has a high load capacity, is quick and economical to install, and is useful in a wide range of applications.

plank grating, metal safety grating, grate-lock gratingGrate-Lock Grating

Grate-Lock Safety Grating utilizes an easy to install and cost effective interlocking plank design. It provides safe and sturdy footing for a wide variety of application: mezzanine flooring, signboard walkways, inspection platforms, rack decking and many others.

There are 3 different gauges, 3 widths, and 4 heights to choose from when buying Great-Lock Grating. It is adaptable to nearly any design and is quickly and easily installed using standard bolts.

plank grating, metal safety grating, perf o grip gratingPerf-o-Grip Grating

Perf-O-Grip’s combination of large debossed holes and perforated buttons provide a superior anti-slip surface. Debris and fluids can pass through easily, maintaining an extremely safe walking surface.

There are a wide variety of standard widths and channel heights that the Perf-O-Grip Safety Grating comes in. Non-standard shapes and sizes may also be available. Perf-O-Grip is a versatile product which can be utilized to meet almost any application’s requirements.

Plank Grating, Metal Safety GratingTraction Tread Grating

Traction Tread is available as flooring, planks, or ladder rungs. The surface of the Traction Tread Safety Grating is comprised of hundreds of perforated buttons that provide an excellent slip-resistant surface. It’s traction is less aggressive than many other safety gratings, and won’t cause undue wear and tear on shoe soles.

The smaller hole pattern also makes it more compatible with a wider range of shoe types (including heels). Traction Tread can also be applied over existing surfaces that do not provide slip-resistance, as a reconditioner.

Plank Grating, Metal Safety GratingUnited Interlock Grating

United Interlock Safety Gratings are strong, light weight, economical and offer a variety of options, making them very versatile. Planks snap together with positive friction, so the need for welding and bolting is minimized.

Planks are manufactured out of 14 and 18 gauge steel. They come in 3 different widths and 3 different leg depths. There are also three different surface styles available: the anti-skid surface, the slotted-smooth punched, and the solid unpunched.

Plank Grating, Metal Safety Grating, bar gratingBar Grating

Bar Grating consists of a series of bearing bar welded together at various intervals to form a load-bearing panel that fits your specified needs. It is a strong and durable solution for a variety of applications. It is also a cost effective product that provides strength and safety when needed the most. Bar grating stair treads are also available.

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