About Eberl Iron Works, Inc.

Founded in 1923 by George and Frank Eberl, Eberl Iron Works started as a small welding shop which fabricated wrought iron railings, exterior fire escapes and miscellaneous iron.

Joined in later years by Leo, Anthony, and Edward, the Eberl brothers developed the fabrication business through dedication to quality and service. Today’s Metal Fabrication Division of Eberl Iron Works continues this tradition.

George & Frank Eberl, with Martin Koebel – 1921
Distribution began in 1946 with the introduction of Unistrut metal framing, followed shortly thereafter by Grip Strut safety grating. Soon after, the Unistrut Buffalo Division was formed to sell a variety of non-residential building products throughout Upstate New York. Regional sales representatives and customer service staffs provide assistance for a customer’s project from inception to completion.

In 1991, the Systems Installation Division began to focus on the design and installation of medical support systems, fall arrest systems, ceiling grids and other specialty systems.

In 2003, the Traffic Safety Products Division was formed to market sign posts, delineators and other traffic products to both the highway and property management markets.

The second generation brothers, Frank and George Eberl, were later joined by joined by the third generation: Frank’s daughter Nora began in 1998, and George’s son John began in 2001. The third generation cousins took ownership of the company at the beginning of 2012.

Whether it’s fabricating metal, selling products or installing systems, the Eberls and the entire Eberl team continue the Tradition of Service.