Unistrut Ceiling Grids for Lighting and Equipment Support

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Unistrut system of channel, parts and fittings is uniquely suited for use as a ceiling grid system for attaching and supporting everything from lighting, electrical and shelving to expensive, high-tech equipment and art work.An assortment of beam clamps and other attachment fittings allow the grid work of channel to be attached to your structural ceiling components, making for a very strong and safe connection – securing piece of mind that your items are well supported.

medical supportThe unique and patented design of Unistrut’s metal framing system allows you to design a system of infinitely and easily adjustable grids so your suspension points can be made wherever you need them to be.

in-ceiling suspension frid for equipment and lighting supportThe whole system is aesthetically pleasing enough to be out in the open, but can also be hidden behind drop ceiling panels, which allow easy access to your Unistrut Ceiling Grid, should you need to make any changes to your support system.

Unistrut ceiling grids allow for structural support with modular flexibility in any space. The inherent adjustability saves time and money on new construction, and makes future change fast and easy.

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