Medical Equipment Supports for Suspension of High Cost Machinery

medical equipment supports

medical equipment supportsMedical Equipment Supports suspend expensive hospital equipment safely and reliably

Suspension of medical equipment, using medical equipment supports, can present a challenge for even the most skilled engineers, designers and installation technicians. In many cases, brand new, state of the art equipment is being retrofitted into existing hospitals and healthcare facilities that are decades, or even a century or more old.

Medical equipment technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that new machinery is constantly being purchased and installed in buildings that were built before these machines were even conceptualized. As the field of medical equipment advances, so must the field of medical equipment supports.

Ceilings, in the rooms where these new pieces of equipment will be installed, already contain HVAC ducts, piping, electrical cables and conduit, fire suppression systems and a whole mess of other things that can make designing a support structure very challenging – but not impossible!

The Systems Installation & Design (SID) division of Eberl iron Works, Inc. has been designing and installing medical supports since 1991. SID specializes in working with construction teams to provide medical facilities with the proper amount of support required to hold expensive equipment, such as X-ray machines, CRT monitors, surgical lights and more.

medical equipment supportsWe provide take-off, design and installation services. Our project coordinators work directly with you to design  the perfect medical equipment supports for your needs. We’ll provide stamped engineered drawings, shop drawings, proper materials and skilled installation services. Our team visits your job site and works to provide you with a strong, economical solution that you can rely on to support even your most expensive piece of medical machinery.

Each medical support is custom designed for the specific piece of equipment being supported. We account for everything from manufacturer type, space constraints, mobility needs and equipment usage, to adjustability requirements.

Medical Equipment Supports are installed using the Unistrut metal framing system. This versatile, component based system allows our installers to create a unique structural support, which makes us of easily adjustable, modular components, and requires no welding. As the world’s longest running Unistrut distributor, we are confident in our ability to provide the best solution for your particular medical support application.

Applications for Medical Equipment Supports

  • medical equipment supportsX-Rays
  • CT Machines
  • CRT Monitors
  • Lasers
  • Gas Columns
  • Injector Systems
  • Surgical Lights
  • Patient Lifts
  • Medical Cabinets


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