Unistrut Fiberglass Framing System

Unistrut’s Fiberglass Framing System provides a clear alternative to traditional metal framing systems Unistrut has engineered a Fiberglass Framing System composed of...
Unistrut Ceiling Grids for Lighting and Equipment Support

Unistrut Ceiling Grids

The Unistrut system of channel, parts and fittings is uniquely suited for use as a ceiling grid system for attaching and supporting everything from lighting, electrical and...
Why Food Grade Strut is better than the alternatives

Keepin’ It Clean in the Kitchen

We think it’s fair to say that a good portion of the country actively avoids thinking about what the inside of the kitchen looks like when they go out to eat at a restaurant,...
Unistrut Beam Clamps

Shedding Some Light on Beam Clamps

A very typical application for the Unistrut Metal Framing system is attachment to, or suspension from a ceiling – especially in commercial buildings – for the purpose of...