Unistrut Trolleys

Not this type of trolley!

No, not that kind of trolley!

Unistrut trolleys are load bearing and capable of supporting a range of weights. We have 8 different models to choose from, below are just a few examples.Unistrut P2749 trolley is the least load bearing of our trolleys, and is intended for lighter applications. The P2749 is offered with either nylon wheels (supports up to 10 lbs), or with metal wheels (supports up to 20 lbs).

Unistrut P2950 trolley supports anywhere from 300 to 600 lbs depending on the speed of the trolley, and is capable of bearing the most weight of any of our trolley assemblies.

Unistrut P2749 trolley

Unistrut P2749 trolley

Unistrut P2950 trolley

Unistrut P2950 trolley

Unistrut P5349 Curtain Slider

Unistrut P5349 Curtain Slider

Curtain sliders, Unistrut part#P5349, are still available although not listed in the current General Engineering catalog.Trolleys can be used with Unistrut P1000 radius channel (1-5/8″ x 1-5/8″), or deeper channel, and can also be used with the back to back channel (P1001).

Unistrut P1834 and P1834A channel trolley supports serve to keep the channel slot open so the trolley can run freely back and forth. It acts as a “saddle” of sorts so the trolley can run underneath and not hit the bolt that is connecting the channel to threaded rod drops. There are two options – Unistrut P1834 with a design load of 1,200 lbs., and a wider Unistrut P1834A with a design load of 2,500 lbs.

Unistrut P1834 Channel Trolley Support

Our customers have used Unistrut trolleys to support:

  • Barn doors
  • Sliding/panel doors
  • Gas line hoses
  • Hospital equipment
  • Athletic equipment
  • Art gallery displays
  • 1000 lb. hoist

Eberl Iron Works, Inc. will assist you with the design of your support and part # selection. Call us today at 800-285-3056.

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