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Unistrut flat plate fittings: splice plates, square washers and more

Within the Unistrut Metal Framing System there are many different categories of parts, each with their own function. In our previous blogs, in this series on Unistrut, we’ve discussed: ways to adhere pipe to Unistrut channel using clamps, the many channel nut options that are available for attaching fittings to Unistrut channel and the importance of the angular fitting for building three dimensional Unistrut systems. This week we’ll discuss the flat plate fitting.


The primary function of the flat plate fitting is to join two or more sections of Unistrut channel together, although there are some single-hole flat plate fittings that are essentially used as square washers. Flat plate fittings are sometimes referred to as ‘splice plates’, because they join – or splice – channels together.

Unistrut-Flat-Plate-Angled-Channel-Connection-1Most often, flat plate fittings are used to join pieces of channel in flat (180 degree) paths, or at perpendicular (90 degree) angles, but there are a few splice plates specifically designed to join a piece of strut with its end cut at an angle to another piece of strut. Channels can be joined side by side, end to end, end to side, or even two ends sandwiching a third piece of perpendicular strut. There are many flat plate fitting options to choose from which can help you achieve whatever connection result your application requires.


Download Unistrut’s #17 General Engineering Catalog for a complete list of fittings and detailed drawings

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Rooftop Gas & Mechanical Pipe Supports

expansion and contraction pipe rooftop supportsSupporting gas and mechanical piping on rooftops can pose some interesting problems due to the nature of the piping – on its ability to expand and contract depending on what substance is being transported through it, and also on the weather and elements that the pipe is exposed to.

PUC Rooftop Pipe Roller Supports for Expanding and Contracting Runs of PipingThe system that is used to support and elevate your pipe from your rooftop must allow for this expansion and contraction, and accommodate any shifting or movement that the pipe makes during normal usage. That’s why we’ve incorporated pipe rollers into our innovative, new gas and mechanical pipe rooftop support designs. The rollers elevate the pipe from our unique rubber bases, while also allowing the supported pipes freedom of movement.

Our custom rubber bases are manufactured from 100% recycled domestic ground crumb rubber, and are completely safe for use directly on all roofing surfaces; there is no need for underlayment, so your installation time can be cut down measurably. The round design of our patent pending PUC bases also distributes weight evenly over your roof’s surface, helping to extend the life of your roof.

PUC Rooftop Elevated Pipe Roller SupportWe also offer sever adjustable elevation supports that raise the height of the pipe, creating a larger distance between the bottom of the pipe and your roof, to account for obstacles on your roof, changes in elevation, or even snow fall.

The weight load capacities of our various gas and mechanical supports cover a range of weights, up to 1500 pounds, to ensure that whatever your specific requirements are, we can accommodate them.

Our supports are shipped fast, fully assembled and ready for install on your rooftop, without any special tools required.

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Unistrut’s Tradition of Quality Continues

 Unistrut launches their New P3246 Heavy Duty Concrete Insert – the strongest on the market!

Unistrut P3246 Heavy Duty Concrete InsertAfter more than 90 years the Unistrut brand name continues to carry the same weight and authority as it did when it was launched as the original metal framing system. The release of their newest product is no different.

Introducing the P3246 Heavy Duty Concrete Insert!

The body of the insert is made of stainless steel, and the rods are composed of fiberglass, making it both durable and resistant to corrosion. The P3246 has up to 5,700 lbs. tension capacity in 3,000 psi concrete. This high capacity concrete insert is specifically designed for heavy duty support applications, such as:

  • P3246-Unistrut-HD-Concrete-Insert-Embedded-webHeavy Mechanical Equipment
  • Large electrical boxes
  • Seismic bracing
  • Large pipe supports
  • Heavy duty shelving

A single P3246 has the power to replace multiple ceiling anchorage points, decreasing the total number of inserts needed, and resulting in a significant reduction of labor and materials which lowers your costs.

The versatility that is expected out of any Unistrut product is certainly present in the P3246 which boasts five separate threaded hole sizes to choose from, ranging in size from 3/4”-10 up to 1-1/2”-6 (maximum allowable loads vary by threaded rod size consult literature for load table – see below for download link).

Unistrut – accept no alternative!

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